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RV Repair

RV Repair in Fort St John

Are you running into trouble with your RV? Come on over to Bighorn Spring & Brake Ltd for RV repair and service in Fort St. John. Give us a call to address your issues, and we’ll inspect your RV as soon as possible.

Services Offered by Us

Apart from basic maintenance and servicing, we offer the following:

  • Suspension brakes bearings - new or re-pack

  • Springs - re-arch or replace with new spring packs 

  • Wiring and light repairs 

  • Trailer brake wiring, repair and replacement

Your RV’s safety is of utmost importance as you may use it for camping and other outdoor activities depending on your lifestyle. Hence, it is always better to get it serviced or repaired before you head out on a long journey. Addressing problems early on can help you to prevent being stranded in places where servicing may be difficult. Call us today if you are experiencing any issues with your RV.

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